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Stress Management Techniques

While professional treatment is an option for stress management, many of life’s daily stresses can be managed by the individual. The techniques and strategies for managing and coping with stress are numerous. When you understand your stress, the causes and triggers of your stress and your responses and reactions, you will be able to identify the techniques and strategies that will work for you.

There are many ‘Ten Step Guides’ and quick fix stress management tools that are advertised,however stress management can often be a complete lifestyle change that requires a range of strategies and techniques. The stress management techniques that you employ may need tobe different for particular situations or triggers. Stress management techniques are designed to allow the individual to either reduce, avoid or cope with stressful situations and negative responses to these situations. Stress management techniques can be divided into the following categories:

Stress Tip
Remember that different stress management techniques may be required to handle different situations.
It is important to recognise your own individual stress triggers and identify the most appropriate stress management technique for that situation

These strategies, techniques and tools have been broken down by category. Selecting the most appropriate combination of stress management techniques is down to the individual, based on their own situation and circumstances.

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