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Stress Management Techniques: Relaxation

  • Try deep breathing when you are faced with a situation that is stressful. This helps to relax your muscles, improve your circulation and increase your alertness. You can also loosen your muscles by rotating and shrugging your shoulders and neck to relieve tension. Deep breathing and relaxing your muscles can help to calm you down before continuing in a stressful situation.
  • Find a peaceful place - somewhere that helps you calm down after a stressful event or situation. This might be a physical place, somewhere that you can go, or it might be an image in your mind. Imaging yourself in a peaceful place such as a deserted island can have a calming effect and help relax your body.
  • Locate areas of tension in your body and try to relax those muscles. Imagine the release of tension from your body, moving from the top of your head, down to your feet. Massage, stretching and exercise can also aid in removing tension from your body.
  • Use a relaxation technique every day. Even if you are not particularly stressed, it is good to have some relaxation time every day. Relaxation techniques could include meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis or any other activity that you find helps to relax you.
  • Take ‘me time’ often to ensure that you remain in tune with your feelings, emotions, goals and aspirations. Listen to your mind and body. 

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