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My Story

As a visitor to this website, you are likely to be going through a tough time; something similar to what I have also been through.

You have reached a point where you are no long willing to let negative emotions rule your life; you want to take back control of who you are as a person and live life to the full!

You want to find out why you feel the way you do and really understand what these negative feelings and emotions mean.

In my case, I was a young, ambitious professional, just starting out my first job. After a few years I had been promoted no less than 4 times, and was doing great. I was SUCCESSFUL. However as my responsibilities grew, work suddenly changed, going from a once profitable company to a point where every job was in doubt - including mine, I was scared, and had to make many financial concessions in order to maintain my job. Dealing with these ongoing pressures, I knew I was fairly stressed out but as time went on my whole life was slowly affected.

I was constantly thinking about work, I became distracted and moody, I was always tired and pessimistic and my personal and social life suffered as I withdrew into myself and tried to handle all of my worries on my own.

I withdrew myself from the outside world even further. As a result my job continued to suffer, as did my personal relationships as my once driven, committed and passionate personality and attitude changed.

As I neared rock bottom, I knew I had a choice. I chose to take control and regain my life, my job and who I was – the person that my friends and family know and love.

For me, the first step to taking back control of my life was to really understand what it was that I was feeling and the cause behind these negative emotions. A depression, anxiety and stress test enabled me to identify and measure my emotions, allowing me to articulate and understand these negative states. This understanding then allowed me to take action in managing my emotions and to seek the right help.

You can't manage something that you can't define or don't fully understand.

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