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About Anxiety

Anxiety is a common occurrence in today's society and often this is a reaction to a stressor (e.g. a stressful situation, financial troubles etc).  Anxiety can be more commonly recognised as 'angst' or 'worry' about something, although often the subject is not actually aware what that stressor is, and just generally feels a sense of dread or panic.  In some subjects anxiety can manifest itself in the form of panic attacks.

These articles provides a comprehensive information resource and tool kit on the negative emotion of anxiety including strategies and tips for managing anxiety in everyday life. Information and recommendations provided throughout these articles are drawn from a range of medical professionals and reputable sources.

These articles are intended to provide a range of information and tools to help anxiety sufferers to identify and manage their negative emotions. It is not intended as a replacement for medical assistance and should be considered as an additional source of information and assistance. If you are suffering from anxiety, you should always seek medical help to identify an appropriate treatment plan. Please note that the information provided is intended only for people suffering from the negative emotions of anxiety and may not be applicable to people suffering from depression, stress, suicidal tendencies or any other form of mental illness.

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