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Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by a range of things such as environmental and external factors, medical factors, substance abuse, genetics and brain chemistry. This can make diagnosing the cause of anxiety sometimes a tricky affair, especially considering many patients are not aware of the root cause themselves.

Environmental and external factors are a frequent cause of anxiety. These can be things such as trauma from a life changing event (e.g. abuse, death of a loved one), stress in a personal relationship, stress in the workplace or school, financial worries, and natural disasters can also lead to anxiety.

Medical factors such as stress from a serious medical condition, medication side effects, symptoms of a medical condition/illness can lead to anxiety.

Substance abuse can also cause anxiety, with alcohol and drug abuse being frequent causes. This can be either caused by continuing use, or withdrawal from said substances.

Some researchers have suggested that anxiety can also be a genetic condition and that a family history of anxiety increases the likelihood that a person may become a sufferer.

Finally, a persons brain chemistry can sometimes cause anxiety, namely that abnormal levels of certain neurotransmitters may cause a generalised anxiety disorder, as the brain may react in inappropriate ways in some situations, leading to anxiety.

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