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Stress Management Techniques: Attitude and Goals

  • Accept those things that you cannot change. Identify the stressful things in your life that you can not influence and change. Recognise that there is no point in worrying about things that you can not change. Understanding this can help reduce disappointment and bitterness when things do not turn out the way we were hoping.
  • Take a positive outlook on life. Learn from your mistakes, but always focus on the positives in life. A positive attitude attracts a positive energy, allowing you to be better prepared for life’s challenges and stresses.
  • Make a list all of the things that make life stressful and a list of things that would make life less stressful. Work on strategies to change what you can, reducing the stressful elements of life and introducing more of the stress relief elements.
  • Develop both short-term and long-term goals to focus your life. Goals, aspirations and priorities help to increase energy and motivation. Remember to take into consideration the amount of stress that these goals will incur and identify ways to reduce these stresses on the way to achieving your goals.
  • Assess your priorities and the balance between your professional, family and social life. Make sure that you develop goals that are aligned with your desired life balance and that the things in you life that give you too much stress do not dominate everyday life.
  • Try to keep things in perspective and don't put to much pressure on your self to succeed. Ambition is a fantastic motivator, however we all have bad days and something things don’t turn out how we expected. Keeping your priorities in perspective can help to reduce stress and pressure.

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