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Stress Management Techniques: General Lifestyle

  • Get regular, quality sleep to ensure that your body and mind is rested. It is better for your energy to be asleep by 11pm and to get up early every day (NHS,2009). Avoid strenuous mental or physical activity before bed as well as stimulants such as caffeine or excessive amounts of sugar.
  • If you are not well you need to take time out. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself when you are not up to it. Taking on too much when you are ill means that you will not function effectively and you will only prolong the illness.
  • Identify what situations make you stressed and how you behave and react in those situations. Is there a way of managing those pressures so you can face them in a different way?
  • If you find yourself becoming angry or upset you may find it helpful to take time out, even if it’s only for five minutes. Have a glass of water, try some deep breathing, do some stretches or go for a short walk until you feel calmer.
  • Take up a hobby. Having a hobby or regular activity that you enjoy can be very beneficial in reducing stress and having something for us to look forward to. Taking up golf, reading, going hiking or attending art classes are all activities that can relax us both physically and mentally.
  • Important Note: If you are having difficulty sleeping, your GP will be able to review your sleep patterns and causes of stress and may prescribe medication to help you sleep or suggest another form of therapy (NHS, 2009). Your GP will also know some relaxation methods that could help you get good sleep.

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