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Stress Management Options: Individual Stress Management Techniques

Commonly referred to as self-help strategies, individual stress management techniques refersto any stress reducing or avoiding strategies, techniques or tools that an individual uses to manage their stress. These techniques are usually identified by the individual as effective responses to stressful situations to avoid a negative emotional response. Professional medical treatment may assist an individual in developing these stress management techniques,however it is commonly the individual who develops these responses based on a good understanding of their own stress.

According to the Stress Management Society (2009), there are two ways to reduce and avoid stress:

  • Reduce the demands on your life
  • Increase your energy

An individual can develop stress management techniques based on these two approaches.Reducing the demand on one’s life is usually the first and most common response to stress –“I’m doing too much, I need to cut down” (Stress Management Society, 2009). While it can be useful to cut out unnecessarily stressful activities, reducing demand can eventually lead to dissatisfaction by eliminating challenge and achievement from your life. Increasing your energy refers to empowering yourself with strategies and techniques to reduce negative responses to stressful events or situations. This helps the individual to more effectively cope with stress and still strive to achieve challenging goals and targets in life.

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